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computer games
Feb 22, 2022

computer games

The game only needs to refresh the screen every 12 seconds to trick the brain into seeing continuous motion but it is more

Human resources information system
Mar 06, 2023

Benefits of using HRIS

Human resource information systems (HRIS) offer a wide range of benefits to businesses. An HRIS can simplify and automate many of the tedious and time-consuming tasks associated with managing an organization's human resources

digital transformation
Mar 06, 2023

What is digital transformation and its fields?

Investing in digital transformation enables businesses to gain a competitive advantage by becoming more agile, efficient and responsive to customer needs with the right strategy in place.

مؤشرات قياس الاداء
Mar 08, 2023

Definition of KPIs and how to measure them

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are an important tool for evaluating performance, making decisions and improving them. important to review results.

ios devices
Mar 08, 2023

Sensors in ios devices and how to program and deal with them

Smartphone technology has the ability to use intuitive applications due to the array of sensors built into iOS devices.

UI/UX design and its importance
Mar 27, 2023

UI/UX design and its importance

User interface design is becoming increasingly important as it makes the user experience significantly better and easier with the product and services and increases conversion rate on the website or application.

The best web programming languages ​​for 2023
Mar 28, 2023

Top 5 programming languages ​​in web development for 2023

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