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Our Team

Mohammed Ziad Chamma


Mohammed Alefan

General Supervisor

Khaled Abdel Fattah

Information systems project manager

Abdulrahman aljuaid

Director of Programs and Partnerships

Monef alshammari

Director of HR Systems Application Department

Ashwaq Alkinani

Sales Department Supervisor

Norah Almohaimeed

Customer Accounts Officer - Finance

Atheer Alkinani

Customer Accounts Officer - Human Resources Department

Talal Alshammri

Customer Accounts Officer - Human Resources

Abdalhady Altelbani

Information technology operations technician

Muayad Alhamoud

Customer Accounts Officer - Finance

Abdulkareem alefan

Sales Operations

Wafaa Alkhilani Alhassani

Customer Accounts Officer - Finance

Mohammed Ahmed

Executive Secretary

Faisal Abdalkader Altelbani

Customer Accounts Officer - Finance


Sales operations

Mahmoud Hamed Mohamed Mourad

Financial analysis specialist

Ahmed Mohamed Alsayed Altohamy

Financial planning specialist

Sameh Fetouh Abdelghany Attia

Financial consulting specialist

Ahmed Mohamed Salem Shehata

Financial consulting specialist

Mohamed Hazem Mohamed

Financial consulting specialist

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