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application development
Mar 07, 2022

Application development

Mobile application development is more popular recently, because smart phones are more used today, so application development refers to creating applications that are used on smart phones such as tablets, smart watches, portable devices such as cameras, and many other applications that you can download from On the Google Play Store, and the iOS Store> I also designed applications for mobile devices for different operating systems, so let's learn about the steps and programming languages ​​used in developing applications in the next follow us.

Types of applications

There are three types of applications according to the technologies used in their construction, and they are the following:

web applications

They are applications that are built using the latest technologies to build websites, and they are run through a web browser, and the applications work in proportion to the capacity of the computer.

original apps

They are applications used to build a custom application for one platform only using the Java language.

Hybrid apps

They are different applications that use html css javascript in their construction in order to make it easier to modify and display them using a particular platform.

What are the steps of application development?

There are many applications that we must go through to develop applications, which are the following:

Planning in which the need is identified and the advantages of competing applications are considered.

Analysis In which the requirements for the application are documented and potential problems that you may encounter in development are identified.

Design defines how applications work and the components and features that the application contains.

Construction and actual programming using all design requirements.

Testing is where the application is tested and requirements are met.

Implementation, in which the application is made available for people to use the application for free during the trial period.

Support Where the user experience is monitored, debugged, and initially assisted.

Application development features

There are many advantages that the user gets from developing applications, and they are as follows:

Great ease of construction and maintenance.

Use a programming language without the need for web-friendly technology.

lower cost.

Build applications for all devices and platforms with ease.

Ease of publishing on the private store.

Ease of dealing with the websites and camera of the phone.

Designing applications in different programming languages.

Providing an advanced control panel in Arabic so that you can manage and control the application.

Link the application to the website, if available, and also to various social media.

Consistency in applications in terms of screen and tablet sizes.

Boost profit from apps by adding ads.

Designing many filters in different shapes so that the user can easily search within the application.

Make proposals and marketing plans to publish and promote the application.

What are the best application programming languages?

There are many programming languages ​​for developing applications to gain new skills that help in remote work, so the languages ​​are the following:

Java language

It is considered one of the most popular programming languages ​​and is used in developing applications and games. It is also easy and includes a large number of open source libraries.

javascript language

This language is versatile and one of its most important features is that it supports object-oriented programming, functional programming, and Android application development.

Köln language

It is considered one of the most important languages ​​used in the development of Android applications for smartphones, and is 100% available, and to follow websites.

Python language

It is one of the most widely used languages ​​for developing applications and games.

Swift . language

It is the language of the future for application development because it is a language based on the latest technologies and is easy to understand, write and read, so it has gained popularity and is considered more popular with developers.

Objective-C . language

It is considered an official language for developing applications on iPhone and Mac systems. It is also a powerful language based on the C language with the latest technologies.

C sharp language

Languages ​​include multiple libraries, are preferred languages ​​for developers and data scientists, and are used in easy application development.

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