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robot technologies
Feb 24, 2022

Robot Technologies

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Many people ask what are robot technologies? The robot has a variety of sizes, some of them are very small, and some are very large, and they have many different designs, and there are two feet, and there are four or six, and each robot has a variety of scientific capabilities, as there are robots that have the ability to perform surgical operations that are performed Inside the human body in order to help doctors, and there are some that work in restaurants in order to prepare all the pancakes, and most of them can land on the surface of Mars, and we will get to know them all.


The robot is one of the machines that have been designed by an engineering system that makes it work as an alternative to the human element, despite its appearance that is not close to humans, but it can perform all functions to the fullest extent like humans.

Android Technologies

Robots vary in their design, sizes, and capabilities, as it is difficult to reach a fixed definition for them despite the various definitions of scientists, where there is a general concept for them, which is that they are machines that work in an independent manner, as they sense their surroundings and the performance of calculations in order to Reach the specific actions, and you take all the actions with them, as you implement them in the real world.

History of the creation of robots

There are many stages through which robots have been developed, and they are as follows:

In 3000 BC, human figures were used to ring the bells of the Egyptian water clocks.

After that, Akhrstus Tarantum invented the pigeon, which was made of wood, and it can fly.

Subsequently, several hydraulically operated statues were built in the second century BC.

Petronius was made by making dolls that can move like humans, and this is in the first century AD.

Giovanni also invented the wooden robot in 1557, where he could prepare bread from shops on a daily basis, and gave it to the emperor.

In the eighteenth century a large number of robots were invented.

In the nineteenth century, Edison invented a doll that could talk, and the Canadians invented the robot, whose nature was steam, all of which are innovative techniques.

And the first inventor of the modern robot was George C. in the fifties of the twentieth century, and he also invented a maneuvering device called the June Net, which did not succeed in selling it.

In the late sixties, George granted a patent to Joseph the engineer, and it was modified to become an industrial report, and he established a company to market robots.

In 1985 Charles developed robots and made advanced Chucky, where he was constantly observing things, wandering and noticing a lot of things.

robotics components

Robots consist of the muscular system, the external body, the sensory system, a source of energy and the brain, and its most important components are:

Transponders such as hands and feet.

Sensors, which detect light, heat, and other things.

The computer that controls movement, and regulates the work of the brain through the instructions that are placed inside it

Equipment: It is all the mechanical installations that make up it

Use of robots

Robotics techniques are used in many uses. The Japanese use them in covetousness for cooking and cutting all kinds of vegetables. They are also used in nursing homes to help them carry out life tasks. In some countries, they are used in the fight against crime to help the police arrest criminals. It is used in many surgical procedures.

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