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Feb 24, 2022

Software design and programming

Software design and programming

Everyone wants to know how to design and program special software, as it is done through the use of many different programming languages, many operating systems, and specialized environments for operation, as we need to set many standard standards for computer programs and various programs that work with each other as well as It helps you share information.

Software design and programming

Special software is designed and programmed in the parts that are allocated for storing the computer, which is the memory and the hard disk, which are called the mothers, since after the completion of downloading these programs, the computer is in the position of running the programs, and this is by passing all the instructions from the programs of the application, and through the system’s program to the components of the computer that eventually receives instructions in the form of a specific programming language, as this language is understood by the computer, and the programming line enables the computer to implement all the operations and information assigned to it, which is to transfer data , perform arithmetic operations, or change control flows of instructions.

It is known that the transfer of data is inside the memory, and it is between the main memory and the central processing unit, and this allows you to access data faster through the CPU, as the transfer of data through the use of indicators and arithmetic operations needs some simple actions, namely It is the increase in the value of the element that belongs to the variable data, and these calculations require complexity when using a lot of data and operations.

own software quality level

Computer programs are very necessary, especially commercial programs, programs that work with operating systems represented by Office and Microsoft, and programs associated with various operating systems such as Microsoft ÷ since when there is a defect in these programs, we can delete work files by disabling The computer, as this is the cause of some problems called software errors, and these errors are discovered when choosing programs, and they must be eliminated as quickly as possible, and it is rare for the special process to choose programs to finish all errors, As all programs may contain only one error, and large computer software companies will have many sections available in order to choose special programs to know their quality, and their effectiveness.

Special software licenses

It is necessary when designing special software that licenses be developed for it, in order to give users the right to use these programs, and these are within the terms and frameworks of the license, and these programs are equipped with licenses that enable you to use them when you design them, and there is a special license for the original servers The program is supported by the original company, and it gives users the right to modify the programs, and it also allows them to redistribute it, and there are many free, trial programs that contain licenses.

Patent for special software

A patent must be registered when designing special software, but the software field puts this in dispute, as there are many opinions that show that patenting the invention means not copying some of the code that the software includes through some people, and it is an intellectual property. Which is prohibited to be republished or copied according to the degree of importance of the programs being designed.

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