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May 11, 2022

Artificial intelligence application

Artificial intelligence application

We have all heard of the term artificial intelligence where artificial intelligence technology, a branch of computer science, attempts to stimulate human intelligence in machines or computers to enable them to perform human-like functions and tasks.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been used in applications to solve specific problems throughout industry and academia. In artificial intelligence, such as electricity or computers, it is a general purpose technology with many applications.

It has boosted language translation, image recognition, credit scoring, e-commerce, and many other areas.

Artificial intelligence application

AI has various applications in today’s society, it has become a necessity in today’s time because it can solve complex problems in an efficient manner in many industries, such as healthcare, entertainment, finance, education etc. AI makes our daily life more convenient and fast.

1. Artificial intelligence in astronomy

Artificial intelligence can be very useful in solving complex problems of the universe. AI technology can be useful in understanding the universe, such as how it works, its origin, etc.

2. Artificial intelligence in healthcare

In the last five to ten years, AI has become more useful to the healthcare industry and will have a significant impact on the field.

3. Artificial intelligence in games

AI can be used for gaming purposes. AI machines can play strategy games like chess, where the machine needs to think of a large number of possible places.

4. Artificial intelligence in finance

Artificial intelligence and the financial industries are the best match for each other, as the financial industry is implementing automation, chatbots, adaptive intelligence, algorithmic trading, and machine learning in financial operations.

5. Artificial intelligence in data security

Data security is critical to every business, cyber attacks are growing very fast in the digital world, and artificial intelligence can be used to make your data more secure.

6. Artificial intelligence in social media

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat contain billions of user profiles, which need to be stored and managed in a very efficient manner.

Artificial intelligence can organize and manage huge amounts of data.

 AI can analyze a lot of data to determine the latest trends, hashtag and requirements of different users.

7. Artificial intelligence in robotics

Artificial intelligence has a great role in robotics, usually, general robots are programmed so that they can perform some repetitive tasks, but with the help of artificial intelligence, we can create intelligent robots that can perform tasks with their own experiences without having to program them in advance.

Robotics devices are the best examples of artificial intelligence in robotics, and recently developed a smart robot named Sophia that can speak and act like humans.

8. Artificial intelligence in entertainment

We are currently using some AI-based applications in our daily life with some entertainment services like Netflix or Amazon, with the help of ML/AI algorithms, these services display recommendations for shows or shows.

9. Artificial intelligence in agriculture

Agriculture is a field that requires different resources, labour, money and time to get the best result.

Now agriculture is one day digital, and artificial intelligence is emerging in this field.

Agriculture applies AI as farming robots, solid and crop monitoring, and predictive analysis, and AI in agriculture can be very beneficial to farmers.

10. Artificial intelligence in e-commerce

Artificial intelligence is providing a competitive advantage to the e-commerce industry, and it is becoming more and more in demand in the e-commerce field.

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