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C programming language
Sep 20, 2022

Learn about the C programming language

Learn about the C programming language

Programming language, computers don't speak the same language we do, so we have to translate our language into numbers 1 and 0 that the processor already understands. C language works by writing your code in an executable file.

The C compiler will take this entire executable and convert it into machine code that will then be executed by your computer at run time.

What is the C programming language ?

C is a general purpose programming language which is very popular, simple and flexible to use. It is a machine-independent structured programming language that is widely used to write various applications, operating systems like Windows and many other complex programs like Oracle Database, Git, Python Interpreter and more.

It is said that “C” is a basic programming language as one can say, C is the basis of programming, and if you know “C” then you can easily understand the knowledge of other programming languages ​​that use the concept of “C”

It is necessary to have a background in the mechanics of computer memory because it is an important aspect when dealing with the C programming language.

Why is the C programming language called C?

C earned its namesake as an alphabet game for being a successor to the B Basic Programming Language, which was itself a memory efficient version of BCPL (Common Basic Programming Language). B lacked any types of its own, depending on the context and basic device memory word format, but as memory capacity increased, so too did the desire to support multiple data types.

C added a writing system that allows the language to remain more lightweight and basic than BCPL but also complex enough to write powerful programs. The four basic basic types of the C language include char, int, float, and void.

But the development of the C language family did not stop there. C has proven to be such a versatile language that it is often called the mother of all languages. Developers have gone on to create C++, PHP, JavaScript, Java, Python, and Perl to name a few.

What is the C programming language used?

From software applications such as operating systems to embedded programming systems, or hardware, C is the best choice for writing low-level code. Common examples of C implementations include:

Embedded systems:

 Any computer system that has a processor, memory, and input/output devices around its periphery is an embedded system. Microcontrollers, system on chip (SoC), and other chips inside are examples of embedded systems.

Operating systems:

Complex devices such as computers and smartphones require system-wide software to manage their hardware components and provide software resources for other programs. Windows, Linux, Mac, and Unix are examples of operating systems that use the C language in their source code.

System applications:

 The applications installed in the system/application/partition of your device are called system applications. They are usually pre-installed on mobile phones and computers and interact natively with devices.

H3: Desktop Applications:

Desktop applications run directly on your computer desktop, which is the main graphical user interface (GUI) that you interact with on a personal computer. These applications do not run in a web browser and depend on your operating system and hardware to function. For this reason, they may need into some C language to interact directly with systems level components.

Browsers and extensions:

Browsers and their extensions allow us to browse the web. Websites and web applications can run inside the browser. The browser itself can be thought of as a desktop application. But applications that run within the browser are not.

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