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iOS programming
Sep 28, 2022

Introduction to IOS Programming - Introduction to Tools

Introduction to IOS Programming - Introduction to Tools

IOS Programming, iOS app development is a required skill that is definitely still worth learning and will be for a long time.

However, creating applications takes a lot of time, perhaps a lot more than you thought.

An integral part of iOS app development is knowing how to code, to become an iOS developer, you should start by learning how to code, if you have no previous experience in any programming language, then you are in the right place but before you start, make sure you understand what programming and app development is portable devices.

Introduction to iOS Programming - Introduction to Tools

What is programming?

Programming means giving instructions to a computer to perform actions.

A computer program is an aggregate set of instructions designed in a way to solve a larger problem. The instructions are not written the way you would for someone. This is because the computer does not understand text the way you do.

To write instructions to a computer, you need to write them as code in some programming language. A programming language is an intermediary between the computer and the developer. Program code is something that the developer and the computer can understand.

In addition to computers, these days you also have mobile devices like iPhones that run on different types of apps.

 These mobile devices gave rise to a whole new subcategory of software development called mobile app development, as it turns out, a mobile app is nothing but a regular computer program written in a programming language.

How do you learn iOS mobile app development?

iOS development refers to the development of mobile applications for iOS devices, iOS applications are usually implemented in a programming language called Swift.

This language was invented by Apple and it is only focused on building iOS apps.


The first step towards becoming an iOS developer is to learn programming in Swift, as a matter of fact, you should only focus on coding for the first 100 hours at least.

During that time, you will not be creating any mobile apps, but rather you will learn the basic principles of programming.

Learning how to code is a very time consuming task and requires a lot of thought, therefore, you should leave all other distractions and focus only on coding, it will take hundreds or even thousands of hours to become a working developer, so remember to be patient if you are thinking of learning programming.

Many people who want to develop for iOS are intimidated by the perceived complexity of the platform, you will soon learn that by just focusing on the basics, you will not feel overwhelmed as most people do with other iOS books.

 It's also important to be able to apply what you've learned using that knowledge to create something tangible, and the best way to learn is by doing, and that's exactly what you'll do.

iOS system development

The SDK provides several frameworks and tools for creating apps for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that you can release on the Apple App Store. to create your own iOS apps.

Select the IOS programming language

C: Objective-C was developed in the early 1980s, and has been the primary programming language for all Apple products for decades. Derived from the C language, C is an object-oriented programming language that focuses on passing messages to different processes (as opposed to calling a process in traditional C programming).

Swift: The programming language Swift is the new "official" language for iOS. Although it has many similarities with Objective-C, Swift was designed to use simpler syntax and focus more on security than its predecessor.

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